Who Needs Planters When You Can Create This Statement Piece With A Stick?

At the point when confronted with an exhausting, exposed divider in your home, it can be elusive the ideal piece to liven it up.

Encircled photos and divider craftsmanship are the main things that ring a bell, yet in the event that you’re searching for something more extraordinary, this woman has a great thought for you!

While attempting to make sense of how to enrich a divider in her sunroom, Redditor tatsuu thought of a truly cool approach to hang her plants with only a stick and a few strings. The best part is that it’s really straightforward, as well!

Subsequent to purchasing some air plants and discovering this stick in her yard, she assembled all that she would need to complete her vision.

She started by drilling holes every few inches in the stick and threading the strings through.

Next, she attached two hooks to the wall and tied the ends of the strings to each side in a criss-cross pattern.

The two different directions added a cool visual effect.

The addition of plants really gave the piece new life.

Isn’t this an awesome way to bring the outdoors in?

Although I love this piece, I can’t help but be reminded of spiders on a web when I look at it. If you’d like to make your own, you can find the full instructions here.


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