25 DIY Father’s Day Gifts… #13 Is Better Than Anything Money Can Buy.

We know it seems like Mother's Day was just last week, but Father's Day is already inching up on us! As we all know, everyday should be a day that we show our love and appreciation for the old man but it just so happens to be easier to do it one day every year.

So what do you gift a man who's raised and taken care of you all your life? A man who gave you everything you needed and wanted while growing up. A man who you've created an unexplainable bond with that nobody can break. Sounds almost impossible, right? Unless your dad is a man who has a list of materialistic desires, it's pretty difficult to come up with a gift idea for him.

But sometimes something sentimental or homemade will be preferred over something bought and/or generic.

So we've taken the liberty to collect a list of various DIY gifts you could make for your dad. We promise they are all very doable!

#1. Laptop Stand

Make a laptop stand for the dad who loves to stay in bed. However, mom might get mad because he’ll never leave bed with this thing in his life.

#2. The Gift of Time Together

Fill a mason jar with a bunch of hand-made coupons for your dad that allows him to spend time with you doing certain activities. If you’re a son/daughter who never spends enough time with the old man, this is definitely a gift that’ll be appreciated.

#3. Grill Set Holder

Perfect for the dad who loves to take over the grill at all the family barbecues. Turn him into an organized griller with this set holder.

#4. Infused Liquor

Create jars of his favorite infused liquor. If he doesn’t have any, try infusing his favorite liquor with his favorite fruits. Just make sure to keep these jars away from the younger kids.

#5. Stamped Leather Tie Clip

Make a cool tie clip out of leather! Use a hammer and a punch set to stamp any phrases or letters you want onto the tie clip.

#6. Bottle Opener

For a dad who’s always loosing his bottle opener, build one that can hang right from his wall. This way, he won’t loose his teeth from biting the bottle caps off all the time.

#7. World’s Greatest Pop Gift In A Jar

Fill a jar with a soda POP and POP candy to show your dad he’s the greatest POP in the world. It’s a simple gift but it’s guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

#8. DIY Shaving Oil

This would be a great gift for a dad who shaves daily or a funny gift for a dad who has let his beard grow out for too long. All you need is grapeseed oil, olive oil, and a few drops of essential oil.

#9. Magnet Board

Make a magnet board to attach all your favorite memories of you and your family onto. It’s like a picture collage but much more cooler looking.

#10. Vintage Record Clock

If your dad has always been a music guy and is into record players and vinyl albums, try making him a clock our of an old vinyl. It’ll give whatever room he puts it in a vintage touch.

#11. Custom Mugs

Sometimes little kids want to gift their dads with something but don’t have the money to buy anything. For toddlers, this is a great alternative. Just provide them plain mugs and porcelain pens for them to draw whatever they want.

#12. Pop Box Set

Another play on the word POP! Make a box set of pop bottles filled with different candies and attach a compliment to each one. If your dad’s got a sweet tooth, he won’t complain.

#13. Rustic Popcorn Sampler

If your dad loves popcorn, make him a popcorn sampler so he can try all sorts of flavors. This would be a great edition to his house if he holds regular movie nights.

#14. Beer Bottle Glasses

If your dad has left a couple of empty beer bottles laying around, try making glasses out of them! It’ll take a little extra work, but the outcome is worth it.

#15. Trophy

Make a custom trophy for a trophy dad. It’s a lot more affordable than you think. Just cut a trophy shape out of cardboard, glue pasta to it, spray paint it gold, and then decorate it with jewlery. Tada!

#16. Photo Coasters

Turn your favorite memories into coasters. They’ll make a great edition to any table in the house.

#17. Craft Stick Project

Make this easy DIY out of wooden letters and extra wide craft sticks. Tell your dad what you love about him on each craft stick!

Craft Stick Project

Donna Martin

#18. Mobile Cover Card Holder

For the dad who never carries cash, make him a card holder that will also act as a case for his mobile phone. It’s super convenient and he’ll be grateful he doesn’t have to lug around his big wallet all the time.

#19. Personalized Etched Growler

Personalize a growler for him by stenciling his name and any pattern/shape onto it. What dad doesn’t love putting his name on things?

#20. Cookbook Stand

Build a cookbook stand for the dad who loves to cook. It’s actually a great 2-in-1 gift if both your dad and your mom love to spend time in the kitchen.

#21. Homemade Hot Sauce

Create your own batch of hot sauce for the dad who loves spicy food. Just don’t make it too spicy, you want him to enjoy it!

#22. Batman Notebook

If your dad’s a little geeky and loves superheroes, customize a notebook with his favorite hero’s logo. You can use any notebook color and paint pen to achieve the logo you’re going for.

#23. Grilling Prep Plates

Another great gift for the grilling dad who loves to host barbecues. Make him these customized prep plates he can organize all his meat onto.

#24. DIY Beer Soap

Although it’s very unconventional, did you know you can create beet out of soap? It’s an odd DIY gift for an odd dad.

#25. Beer Can Cake

And last but not least, if your pa (like many pas) loves beer, you can never go wrong with a beer can cake. It’ll most likely be favored over an actual cake.

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